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useing a rf signal generator as a wireless broadcaster.
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 Using your signal generator as a wireless broadcaster.   It's great fun to listen to 1930s or '40s music or radio programs on your Philco cathedral.  The effect is much more nostalgic than listening to modern talk radio.  If you have cassette tapes of old programs or CDs of old music (which are readily available), all you need to do is take the audio output of your Walkman or CD player and use it to modulate the output of a tiny AM transmitter--a wireless broadcaster, or phono-oscillator as they were sometimes called.
You can purchase wireless AM broadcasters from companies like Antique Electronic Supply or from companies that advertise deluxe devices in Antique Radio Classified. But, if you have a signal generator with an external modulation jack, and many of them do, you already have a wireless broadcaster!  Just take the audio output from the headphone jack of your cassette player or CD player and input it to the external modulation jack of the signal generator.  (If your audio source is stereo, in most cases, you can wire the two channels in parallel so you don't lose any sound.)
I find that a wire about 10 feet long across the ceiling works fine as the antenna for the wireless broadcaster.  I just clip the "hot" lead from my Jackson signal generator to the antenna, and, with a little tinkering of the controls of the generator and the audio source PRESTO--an instant wireless broadcaster that you can set for whatever frequency you like.  Choose a quiet part of the broadcast band.  I find that where I live, setting the signal generator and the radio a little below 600 kHz is a good spot, since the RF noise there is less than it is higher up on the broadcast band, and there are no strong stations in that vicinity.
Use the minimum generator output needed to give a readable signal in your radio so you don't interfere with your neighbor's radio reception or get in trouble with the FCC.  (If your neighbors hear Amos and Andy coming out of their modem radio, they will probably contact one of the tabloid newspapers claiming they have witnessed a miracle.)  Obviously the same approach enables you to listen to FM radio on your old AM radios  Most inexpensive signal generators do not have that strong a signal, so you will probably have to set the generator for the highest level output.